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The Palm Beach Suns F.C. South Florida’s Premier Soccer Team

Welcome Suns fans to your Palm Beach Suns F.C. official website. Things like entertainment, food, excitement, giveaways, and family fun are all coming your way. Oh and don’t forget about watching some of South Florida’s most talented soccer players compete live locally in Palm Beach. All of Suns F.C. home games are great to bring the entire family so both children and adults can enjoy the top tier soccer talent on display. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can keep up with the latest news on tickets, events, player signings, and more!

We love being located in Palm Beach and have some of the best soccer fans in the USA.  Our amazing fans inspire us to play well as well as to give back to the community we play in. We are always looking for ways to connect with our loyal fans and improve the community.  Whether it is helping coach youth soccer or simply volunteering we are committed to improving the city we play in.

Don’t miss out on discounted Suns F.C. season ticket packages! If you can’t make it to all of the games don’t worry we also offer individual game tickets as well. Click on the tickets tab to secure your spot at all the suns F.C. home games this year. If you have any questions regarding purchasing Suns F.C. home game tickets please contact us at 561-549-9111 and we will assist you with any question or accommodation you need.

Join the Suns fanbase today and enjoy the best soccer South Florida has to offer as well as great times with friends and family. We look forward to seeing all you rowdy Suns F.C. fans at the games this year as well as in the community at our events. Go Suns!