Suns F.C. tie South Florida Surf in a thrilling comeback

Boca Raton, Florida– Palm Beach Suns fc versed the South Florida Surf SC for their second time this season in Port St. Lucie, Florida. This match up turned out to be one that will be remembered for years to come. The coaching and managing staff considered it the most exciting game of the season. Although the Suns have yet to get a victory, in this game they fought hard till the last possible second of the game to remain even, with a 2-2 tie. This was an upset for both teams, as they tied earlier in the season.

The first half of the game was relatively even, both teams played their best, with a few attempts at goal from both sides, with minimal fouls, making it a clean match. Coming into the second half of the game, the Suns were eager and motivated, pushing all players forward to get a chance at a goal. Shortly into the second, Renan Troccoli opened up the score board by scoring his second goal this week. Michael Swiercz, an outside defender was sent a long through ball to the right side of the box, where he was able to send in a low ball across the face of the Surf’s goal, Troccoli was able to get a foot on, passing the ball in the back of the net. Leaving the score line 1-0 Suns.

Though the celebration for the Suns was short, because just minutes later the Surf were able to get an equalizer. An extremely long through ball from a Surf’s defender to a forward, with just one Suns’ defender in his way, was able to dribble passed him leaving Suns goal keeper Igor Luczensky with no defense. Surf tied up the game 1-1. In minute 70, the Suns conceded another goal due to a defensive mistouch inside the 6 yard box, leaving a wide open shot for the Surf. The Surf took the lead at 2-1. The Suns cleared their heads, and stayed on the ball with good touches, making strong passes. Late in the game Surf conceded a foul, Fernando Argolo took a free kick from 70 yards out, Argolo, sent a long ball to the top of the Surf’s 6 yard box. The Surf’s keeper assumed that a defender would clear the ball but did not and left the ball to the keeper, a miscommunication error left the ball bouncing over the Surf’s keepers head into the goal. What seemed to be an ill played free kick, surprisingly tying up the game at 2-2 in the last minute of the game.

“We played hard, we pushed ourselves till the final whistle, and I think it was one of our best games yet. The team is starting to come together, we are looking forward to the next few games”. Stated General Manager Xavier Silva.

The Suns next game takes place at their home field Oxbridge Academy July 1 at 7pm, the Suns are hoping to take home a win as they will play The Villages Fc for a second time this season. Come out and support your Palm Beach Suns FC! Tickets on sale now at