Suns FC Tie Once Again In Their Home

Boca Raton, Florida– This past Saturday (May 28), the Palm Beach Suns battled against South Florida Surf at Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach, Florida. Thus far, the Suns coaches have been training their players hard to achieve the team’s full potential. The Suns were able to maintain a clean sheet with the loss of a player in the second half due to a red card.

The first half of the game was nothing short of a good matchup, the Surf sending the Suns a number of shots towards their goal, 2 of which were rocketed towards the upper 90 of the goal, none of which were able to hit the back of the net. The Suns seemed to have just a few opportunities at goal. One opportunity, a through pass that Renan Troccoli was able to run on too, getting a left foot on the ball, which just barely missed the lower hand corner of the goal. Fernando Argolo took a long range shot from 25 yards out, however the Surf’s goalkeeper was able to secure the shot. A total of 9 shots were taken from both teams in the first half. Leaving the score at 0-0 at the half. A couple of cautions were handed out to both team during the first half. 3 yellow cards, 2 towards the Surf and 1 towards Fernando Argolo of the Suns, for disorderly conduct.

The Suns started their second half strong, but unfortunately shortly into the half, Fernando Argolo conceded a second yellow card, resulting in him being sent off the field, leaving the Suns one player short. The game continued with the Suns playing the game at only 10 men, they only were able to get 1 shot thereafter the sendoff, driving the Surf to take advantage. The Surf pressed the Suns defense by taking over 6 shots in the second half, testing star goalkeeper Igor Luczensky. The Surf took high upper 90 shots, lower left hand corner shots, and had 2 break aways (1 on 1), Igor stopping all Surf’s attempts at goal seeming to be unbeatable. A notable save from Igor was a low shot from 6 yards that Igor just barely got a foot on, sending the ball straight up bouncing off the cross bar, he jumped quickly to his feet and dove to grab the loose ball from the Surf’s attackers. With almost 20 shots at goal, a few cautions and a red card, the final score at the final whistle was 0-0.

Igor is the Suns player of the match, he is excited to be playing a huge role for the club, and hopes to one day play MLS, as he continues to train.

“I have been feeling really good, I know my team is strong, and my defenders are great, but for me I have to continue to produce clean sheets like tonight. I need to train harder and push to my limits to achieve the goals that I seek for myself”, said star goal keeper Igor Luzcensky.

The Suns are fighting for a title win this season, come out and support them this season, there is still a lot of soccer to be played. For the game schedule and info, go to!!!